Freedom Center USA has two ranges and are open to Students and members only. There are no guests permitted due to insurance regulations.

Range Times
Wednesday - Sunday (0900 to Sundown)

Ranges may be unavailable due to training classes. Most classes are Thursday - Sunday with some exceptions for classes specially scheduled for a group. The ranges may also be unavailable during tournaments. The closing of a range during normal business hours will be posted on the website.

Thousand (1000) Yards Range
• 100 Yards
• 200 Yards
• 300 Yards
• 500 Yards
• 600 Yards
• 800 Yards
• 1000 Yards

Colosseum Range
Is a 360-degree range for carbine and handgun training. Distance varies depending upon the number of people on the range and type of training.

Membership Cost
$300 / year
$260 / year for active-duty military, law enforcement, military veterans, and retired law enforcement

Range Rules
- Finger off the trigger and outside trigger guard unless your eyes and sights are on the target and are ready to shoot
- When loading your weapon it must be aimed down range at a target or the middle of a berm
- When moving your weapon, it must have magazine removed and bolt open and to the rear
- Weapon is always pointed down range or straight up in the air when not in use
- NO armor piercing, NO steel tipped, NO solid brass or NO solid copper can be shot at steel targets
- Treat other shooters with utmost respect at all times
- Paint all steel targets white that you shot and leave them clean for the next shooter

2. ANYONE CAN CALL "CEASE FIRE" FOR ANY UNSAFE SITUATION - Call "CEASE FIRE" three (3) times loudly when you hear cease fire repeat it loudly so others will hear the cease fire During a "CEASE FIRE" all weapons are...
- Pointed down range in a safe position
- Finger off the trigger and safety on
- Magazines removed, Bolts to the Rear

3. The FREEDOM CENTER reserves the right to remove anyone from the property for any reason without justification. Removal from property will happen for these reasons, but are not limited to this list...
- Any bullet that leaves the range property when discharged from your weapon
- Unsafe behavior
- Compromised emotional state
- Intoxication - Alcohol and/or Drugs
- Excessive noise - music/ loud vehicles
- Excessive vehicle speed
- Demeaning / Disrespectful or Racist comments
- Driving faster than 3 MPH on property

4. You must sign-in when arriving. If the building is closed you must call 417-718-2597 for a range status before shooting and sign-out or call when leaving the range.

5. Loaded side arms may be carried in holsters if the trigger guard area is covered completely, and weapon is pointed down when holstered in a standing position. It must remain holstered during a cease fire.

6. You are solely responsible for any damage you cause on the FREEDOM CENTER property. If you cannot be responsible for damage you cause do not shoot at our facility.
- Every bullet you discharge
- Mishandling of your weapons
- Driving on property
- Damage to target stands, chains, or steel targets

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The Classroom

The Colosseum Range

The 1,000 Yard Range

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